Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Our new herb planters Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 31, 2005

yeah, that's about our speed Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 28, 2005


Unpaved desert crossing through landmine filled no-man's land, Mauritania here we come.

this pavement is a tease

nouadhibou diner

this picture speaks for itself, i think

hostel in nouakchott

it's laundry time, 90% of dirt comes from jeff's pants.

across the sahara... we started in the top right corner, and finished in the bottom left corner.

Nouakchott's best and only feature, the beach.

zephir likes footprints

we were watching 2 dogs have gay sex on the beach

custom painted, highly tuned fishing vessels

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Place Jemaa El Fna - hustle concentrated

hostel rooftop, still marrakech

Can the sky really look like that?

"Everyone try and look sad in this photo"

it's stairs and a courtyard

and so begins the cross Atlas traverse to ride camels in the desert

camoflage villages... invisible to radar

almost at snow line

Peter meets Donkey

They ride off into the sunset together...never to be heard from again

Every bus ride has the token weird hairy guy... this one is no different


Lizard: "Awwwwww-Right!!!"

sunset camel rides

sleeping arrangements

it's lonely out here, everyone needs a friend

where did we leave those camels?

guess we'll have to walk...

we've seen this dune before, Gerry.

who's that guy?

in the meantime...

Sam chewing with his mouth open, Idi pretending not to know him

Mary really really likes harira

Jeff discovers that camel rides and leg hair are mutually exclusive

With jeff in his jellybean, we blend right in

Jeff has gotten used to hunching over to fit through moroccan sized doorways, and now never has to worry about having his head cropped out of a photo

I wouldn't want to run into that in a dark olive grove

wear new camel leather sandals while walking long distances, get sore feet

Peter prepares himself mentally for the long grueling trip ahead

And we are 2 down, as Mary and Peter reluctantly head for greener landscapes.

Farewell to Idi, we are down to 3.

Zephir is sick of marrakech

it's time to buy more clothes

and then turn the hostel into a harem

what's the point of this picture? seriously?

where's that pesky bus station?

zephir found it.

a very very very long bus ride to western sahara

food quality degenerates

Salek, very verbal guy, we had no idea what he was saying.

we gathered that he was in jail, and now he's headed for the border, but zephir is apparently far more deranged than our friend||  Posted by Hello